Tuesday, November 3, 2015

C. Family | Camp Lejeune Family Photographer | Camp Lejeune, NC

I LOVE so much when the Marine Corps keeps people in your life. More importantly, I love even more when the Marine Corps allows me to photograph clients at different duty stations because we ended up together again and again! I first met this family in Virginia. Jean and I clicked thanks to our similar fondness for running. Her kiddos were my main subjects the first time around as she wanted to get some good photos of them for their school photos. I mean those cheesy school photos are great for keepsakes and all but some prefer to have photos of their kids that totally speak their personality. B had the coolest animal print hat and Z was all tough cuz ya know, guys are tough. They were a lot of fun and we got some great fall colors!

It's so fun to look back on old sessions. If anything to see the improvement in my work! And to see how much the kids have grown! When Jean contacted me about having family photos done here in NC this fall I was super excited!! It is one of the biggest compliments when you have clients return to you over and over again! Something I was bummed about was getting any resemblance of fall in the photos. I've come to learn there really is no such thing as fall here! It's making me homesick for Jersey for sure and some gorgeous fall colors.

Anywho, we had fun this time around, had the whole family together and no one ended up in the water or covered in dirt! Their outfit choices fit perfectly with the sun and location. So beachy and fun! These have slowly become some of my favorite photos I've taken. Mostly because I am a sucker for glowing, golden sunlight and this session has SO MUCH of it!! =)

These next few are a little out of the ordinary for me but was something they wanted photos with the sunset at this dock so I had some fun! I love how they came our even though they aren't my norm! =)

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