What I Do

I am a natural light, on-location photographer. This basically means I like to use the light the sun provides and the surroundings of the location we have chosen to create photos you'll be excited to hang on your walls. I am a sun-flare junkie and can't get enough of it! I like shooting into the sun what can I say! I do try to accommodate my clients by getting the photos they are looking for but as an artist, I have found my niche in photography which I'm sure in my more recent work you can see my style.

I believe that natural looking photography is best. Over-editing can ruin the picture, but sometimes a certain style of editing can really bring the photo to life.  I don't use presets or actions, I do majority of the work in camera and help enhance the photo with some editing if needed. I also enjoy black and white photos. They are simple and help tell the true story of photo by bringing out the emotion with out the distracting colors. 

Contact me if you have any comments, questions or would like to schedule a session!